My Book

Black, White, or Other is about Zoie V Little’s first-hand experience growing up with what it feels like to not fit in and be put down because the color of her skin. She knows how to overcome and rise above the negative opinions of those who are less accepting of her ethnicity. Zoie had to work through the emotional setback of being adopted and knowing her other siblings were not. Black, White, or Other was written to be read by those that have gone through or going through the same situation that she had and to touch and inspire lives.

The world is a melting pot with many different races, and it’s OK to be different. It took Zoie many years to understand and be at peace with who she is when she looks in the mirror.

God, family, and friends are her support group in helping her stay focused on the big picture and that picture is she was made just the way God wanted her and she is beautiful in His eyes. Even as an adult in today’s world, she still runs into people that do not accept her skin color. When this occurs, she smiles, says a small prayer for them, and always focuses on who she is today and where she is going tomorrow.

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